We believe in safety.
We believe in community.
We believe in you.

We believe we are:

Safer together

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Privacy. Safety. Peace of mind.

Umbra for personal safety

Use Angelus-Umbra to take ownership over your community.

  • Keep informed on safety & security events unfolding around you.
  • Contribute to your community's awareness by reporting what you see.
  • Receive safety critical information anywhere in the world.

Umbra for friends & families

Your emergency contacts just got a lot more powerful

  • Notify your friends if you're feeling unsafe on a late night walk.
  • Schedule wellness checks for family members living apart.
  • Keep your privacy; gain peace of mind.

Angelus for the workplace

Elevate your duty of care without compromising privacy

  • Disseminate safety critical information in realtime
  • Know where your people are in an emergency
  • Review intelligence from sources on the ground to make the best decisions
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